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Our practice is limited to Real Estate and Commercial Law. Whether you are buying, selling, renting or otherwise involved in a real estate or lease transaction, we will be able to assist and walk you through every step of the process. We actively represent Buyers, Sellers and Lenders in residential and commercial transactions, including purchases and refinance transactions. Additionally, if you are engaged in a business transaction, we can provide detailed knowledge in order to assist you in making the deal a success.

Our office has handled thousands of real estate and commercial transactions. We regularly assist our clients with Purchases and/or Sales of Coops, Condominium Units, as well as Residential Buildings and Commercial Lots.

Real Estate:

Residential Purchase & Sales

Commercial Purchase & Sales



Private Mortgages

Loan Agreements

Real Estate Loans

Title Insurance
Bank Representation

Broker Agreements

Vacant Land Transactions

Commercial Law:

Business Acquisitions & Sales

Shareholder Agreements

Stock Purchase
Asset Purchase

Residential Leases

Commercial Leases

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